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Our Teaching Methodology


Student-first approach

With a maximum of six to a class, we aim to create an open learning environment tailored to the needs of every student. Our teachers’ primary role is to coach and facilitate students’ learning and overall comprehension. Students’ progress is measured through both formal and informal forms of assessment such as student portfolios (collection of students work that can demonstrate learning and be used as an effective assessment tool) and intellectual stimulation.

Teacher And Student

Task-based teaching

Every student receives a preliminary assessment and after developing an in-depth understanding of the student’s interests and learning habits, our teachers create a collaborative learning environment for them to use the language skills they have acquired. We utilize reading, online and listening materials involved in this part.


Digital approach

We utilize different technology platforms to aid and guide students in their classroom and online learning. We use various Internet tools to assign homework, provide students with relevant learning resources and monitor progress with parents and students. We also produce regular videos and make ourselves available for a video call to help students in the event that they are unable to attend sessions. 

Student Doing Homework

Communicative language teaching

Understanding that some students encounter big challenges in speaking Mandarin or engaging in simple conversations, our teachers apply this method in our classroom to enable the student to communicate effectively and become more confident. 

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