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Learn Mandarin in Singapore

IGCSE, IBDP, HSK, Business Chinese, Conversation Chinese, Corporate Program

Adult Students

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Welcome to International Mandarin!

欢迎来到汉语国际 huānyíng láidào hànyǔ guójì

Learning a new language can be quite a challenge. We at IM understand this and are here to help you with your learning journey particularly in Mandarin!


Whether you are looking to prepare for the mandatory exams in local or international schools or if you are looking to learn Mandarin for work or for travel, we have a tried and tested program for you!


We can also tailor a curriculum that achieves your objectives should the set program be insufficient for your needs. Our motto is the student comes first. We gauge our success on the success of our students.


Please come and visit us at any time so we can discuss how we can help you! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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YY Huang

Head Teacher

Why International Mandarin!





Student First Approach



Our Programs

 Over the past few years, we have helped students attain some of the best scores in their exams. We work with students from local schools such as River Valley Primary School and major international schools. We also have adult students from Fortune 500 companies.  


Our Track


 Our teachers have experience and education qualifications from Beijing, Singapore and Harvard Business School. 


Experienced and Dedicated Teachers

 Our center focuses on the development of each and every student. Our small group class sizes ensure that the student receives personalized attention.


Boutique Education Center

 The world is a very different place now. We have evolved to create programs that have the option of online teaching to ensure that the momentum of the programs continues. Our online classes are in addition to options for private tutoring (both online and in person) as well as in person classes. Rest assured, we follow strict safe distancing and hygiene standards for our physical classrooms.

Online and Face-to-Face Options


  Whether your child is preparing for PSLE, O Level, N Level or IB programs, we are constantly updating our courses based on trends and market feedback to ensure that our students have the best chance to excel in the exams and progress on to bigger and better things!

Tailored Programs for Mandatory Exams


 Just like us, we want to help you become passionate and develop a love for Mandarin language and Chinese culture! 


We Love Chinese

Library Study Group

Adult Professionals

 Whether you want to learn Mandarin for business or for travel, you have come to the right place! We not only teach Mandarin language but also Chinese culture and way of thinking. We provide a number of options so that whether you are just starting to learn the language or you are an advanced learner, we can provide you with a competitive learning advantage. Join us in one of our interactive and fun group classes! Alternatively, we offer a number of flexible options and timings to suit your busy schedule (we can even meet you for coffee or in your office!).  


International School Students

 You have given your child an amazing opportunity to be in Asia and learn Mandarin. It is a given that excelling in Mandarin allows your child to stand out and get into better colleges and universities and eventually compete for jobs. At IM, we focus on your child by offering courses that help them specifically prepare for IBDP and IGCSE. We have a solid track record of helping parents and students from some of the major International Schools in Singapore and our students have gone on to some of the best universities in Singapore, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.  

Raising a Hand

Primary School Students

For Singapore students aiming to enter a top secondary school, garnering a high mark in Mandarin would help them achieve this goal. We focus on preparing your child for school tests and we follow the latest exam syllabus through our tried and tested program and self-edited textbook. Our small group classes also ensure that your child receives the utmost attention and support in order to ace the exams.

Student Classroom Desks

Secondary School Students

We understand the importance of continuing with the Mandarin language throughout Secondary School. Whether the focus is to excel in the O level exams or just learning to be better, we have a tailored program to suit you. Our syllabus ensures that we cover all the necessary pre-requisites for the exam and for their studies, providing your child with the confidence and curiosity to succeed.




I am currently enrolled in International Mandarin and it has been a fantastic learning environment with online classes. As I am based in Hong Kong, Yanyan use online tools and customized materials to accelerate my learning. As a busy professional I truly appreciate Yanyan’s creative, modern and very professional teaching approach. And I am learning very fast! Xie xie International Mandarin and YY Laoshi!

Tasos Kousloglou

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